Relationship between Government and Societies

Someone has said that 'You have come to a very hard place, which is this world!'
The world we live is filled with enough number of problems.There always happen to be 2 distinct worlds for every individual living on this earth.One is his personal and the other is a world outside his personal world which we often term as a society.And I am sure you will agree that both of these worlds are experiencing problems as and when life goes on.

The population of the entire world is increasing every moment the clock is ticking.Let me be very clear that population cannot be reasoned as the root of all problems happening in the world.I have a different view on this, which management of this population is the problem area.

Every government which is elected in any country has certainly hopeful and vision for the betterment of his country.Though we blame them for any inconvenience we face, it is the truth.When I say the population is not a reason for so plenty of problems around us in personal as well as social life, but it is the streamlining of all this population in which every individual has its own opinion, rather say more or less different opinion.Then we can imagine the countless efforts that are needed to take all of these along for government and prove that yes they are doing it for the betterment of the country.If our government makes a decision on something, then there are going to be people ready to criticize or say with a different opinion.Many times, we clearly see politicians in opposition are the ones who deliberately do it for creating chaos in the society.Common people get confused and the government faces troubles to clarify their stand instead of proceeding optimistically.This is going and going for long.

The point I want to make is that you cannot be in peacekeeping your government restless.We blame the government and politicians unlimited and very easily, but seeing at few wrong people we should not make the things troublesome for remaining others.Managing so many people around the world by respective governments is beyond the imagination of common people.It is ultimately we common people for whom they are trying hardest to achieve the things.So it becomes equally our responsibility also to support our own government in any situation. Criticism, of course, is necessary to show the mistakes or better alternatives, but wrong intention to create chaos will never help anyone in the country.

Being lots of problem in our country, be it any country, it is also our duty to follow the government which they also expect us to.Until we all streamline our thoughts likely in a similar way, we cannot progress on any decided point.In the base of all these thoughts, it is finally we people with whom the government has to deal with, and so we ought to know the power within us.Many problems are originated in the society because we do not oppose it and few wrong people make the problem as a trend.

There are many examples in our society which we can also solve.Because I think it is very difficult to reach out to every corner of the country and make everything smooth. Make some ideas, unite as a society and solve it for your residential group.We have to think similarly for all this.A discussion is always welcome but once finalized we all should stick and push the government also if they are ignoring our problems. We will not see the change it until we proceed with the government with mutual support and respect.

If you want to rely on government solely, then you might need to wait indefinitely long.Many organizations are doing such social activities without expecting anything in return from the government. There is something due to every one of us for our society, our nation. Everyone's country is lovely for them, and everyone wants to see at it proudly.

Think of your future generation, they should be inspired by the trend we set and the country they will live in.

And the 'Internal' world which I mentioned at the very beginning, is mostly affected because of this 'Outside' world of us!

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