Pressure Game of Fans and Stars

It happens almost in everyone's life that, we start liking a person, not because of his personal characteristics but it's their work that fascinates us.This is actually a game that indirectly starts between that 'Star' and its 'Fans'.

The Star is not knowing actually each and every persona who is in awe of him, but vice versa is never true! But Star has been riding over the feeling of likeliness by increasing number of people.
Stars may be anyone, literally anyone, it may be a movie actor, sports person, some vibrant personality among your relatives, someone among your father's friends, anyone.We observe them, we admire them in our mind, we wish he should never have a grey shade, he must be a pure and perfect, and he should get all success so that we can like him forever like we do now.These are implicit rules for a Star person made by his fans.

Handling situation of such liking in life is dependent on that Star.But you have to admit that these are the phases in life that everyone is implicitly wishing in their mind internally.It's not that if someone is not 'Star' doesn't mean he doesn't want to become one.Of course, we all are wanting that admiration from as many people as can.

Pressure arises when the Star(which we decide), begins to sense the Stardom!No matter it's that pressure which we all struggle to get some time in life.But we have to remember that it is eventually pressuring.

Some fans recursively like a Star more if he is always calm and composed, never boasts his achievements, struggles hard which is seen to be at expectations of his Fans for such cool reasons.On the other hand, Fans are admirers of qualities exactly opposite of the mentioned in the earlier case, such as arrogance, an attitude of being smart, anger, and likewise.

If you keenly observe both these cases, both the Stars have to handle the pressure of their respective Fans' expectations!

Stars have to undergo many tough times for this, such as sidelining family lives, sacrificing many day to day tempting activities or we can say they involve in a process of moulding themselves to become like his Fans are subsequently expecting him to!

This pressure is not only because of greed to earn the liking of admiration by Fans, but also equally because of the fear of losing it!And one thing remains the fact no Star wants to lose it!!

Fans make Stars feel extra special in this world.They want their Star to proceed increasingly on the ladder of stardom.Fans also implicitly put pressure on Stars to become an ideal person with perfection with no excuses in life.Fans want to be noted by association with their Stars.For Fans, Star is a 'Personal' and rightful family member.Apart from these facts, Fans too contribute to handling pressure for his Stars.They feel it if it is for their Star.They Support him in his down-times.They just their Star's failure.Still, they get up and ask his star to get up and grab the next chance.

Now it's their Star's turn to continue the game.For his next performance, he feels the pressure for next opportunity, he absorbs necessary energy from Fans, gets the energy levels boosted up, sets the high goals, prepares for it and ultimately gets ready for his next showcase to Fans and for those who are not his Fans.

Now it's the turn of Fans...

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