Live Life Incremental

Dreams are undeniably present in everyone's mind, rather say life.Extension to this, everyone's dreams in this world is an inspiration in itself to achieve something bigger, which may be different for every individual, than what he/she possesses at the stage of life.The extent of everyone's dream can be varying in the aspect of stage size to achieve which has no measures.And many more angles to this fantasy exist, and that too with everyone.Yes, the dream is a natural phenomenon to grow for the betterment of that individual or for others surrounding him/her.

The journey toward that dream is planned somewhere in everyone's mind.Their mind always keeps on checking every possibility to take a leap to reach the dream.When one is financially poor who can barely manage the day to day expenses, he/she may dream of a better lifestyle. He strives for that, tries to find the opportunities.In this process, it may plan steps to achieve his dream.

Now while planning the steps there comes tricky part.As an example, for a middle-class person, who dreams of something conventional at each stage of his life.It is such as good education, good job, settling phase in career, motorcycle purchase with lots of analysis, marriage, post marriage settling, house, a car, children, and again in a circle starting from the childhood of his children.

In this all travelling, if we achieve the things but with due limits of our present conditions and situations then life will become considerably less stressed.

And this is the point I am willing to put in this article.

If we dream of something, do not ever get obsessed with it.Once you do that, from that point, your life may become miserable. I am not denying to be aspirational or ambitious, of course, be that, but only to fill in positive energy in you. If you have the capacity to achieve the exact dream you visualized, you will definitely succeed.But we cannot see the future and so always focus on the present.Because there are many more parameters which will play their roles while you are progressing to achieve your dream.You have to keep the present conditions in your mind.For example, you want to buy a car[especially first time], everyone would like to buy the most luxurious one available among the options.I am not denying this is wrong. Some people may say that I want to buy the very luxurious car though they do not have the financial budget to buy.Here lies the difference between obsession and ambition. Obsessed people will stretch the limits unnecessarily putting extra stress in life, especially they do not have that liberty, that too ignoring the other family responsibilities.

So judge the present conditions of yours and then step into next step safely.
With extra stress in life, you will slow down your speed to achieve other stages in life.I am saying this as extra stress because there is no one in the world without the stress of something in their life! Why we voluntarily pull out an extra amount of it then?

The good thing that will happen to you if you take the steps considering your present situations, is that for the immediate next stage to achieve you will have a stress-free mind to move on! Which is very much necessary to keep the balance if you want to satisfactorily reach until the end of your life! Be prepared for upcoming stage and then step up over it.Never step up at the stage, for which you just think that you will somehow manage, do not take such risk blindly.Prepare for it at least to a minimum extent.

Because it is not only you who is playing in your life, but on the other side it life who is also playing with you, and we cannot guess its calculations.Risk and lottery in life can be sometimes beneficial but not assured, better not to rely on such unassured aspects.

In all, I will simply suggest to always proceed incrementally in your life, be it any stage.This way you enjoy every stage of life and high chances to reach to a satisfactory phase in life.Cheers.

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