Know Your Form of Anger

One very common issue found in people around us is anger.No one, even the person getting angry, could convince him/herself that it was great experience getting angry.Be that behaviour occur multiple times, the an angry person cannot just get it why it gets to be angry, with its due disadvantages, be it physical, mental, social.

Misunderstanding - One usual thing, I observed, to become angry is a misunderstanding.Seeing today's growing impatience in today's societies, it's very much difficult to appeal people to remain patient.Though the conscience to do this is without any doubt.The one getting angry cannot be said to be done intentionally.It can be a forbidden distance between their thought processes.If they understand each other's, anger will definitely turn into smiles, try it.

Expectations - It is said that ones with least or no expectations in life are the happiest on this earth..! This lines, at first glance, appears very casual, and many of us must have ignored to it several times.Being alive in continuously developing society, it's very, of course, to be without expectations.This is very much spiritual way, in fact.But this creates an indirect chain of expectations from everyone to support the person, and so anger is born as someone must be there who cannot go by his/her expectations.But another way, this is absolutely evident if no expectations are in a picture, no anger will be there. 

Alignment of thoughts - We see often, situations in which a discussion with aligned thoughts is started, people involved in the discussion are agreeing to it, then when they dive deep into the discussion, their thoughts start separating.These separations make them uncomfortable,each one wondering why now he is being not aligned with my thoughts, which he was when started.And this upsetting of them toward each other is turned into irritations and finally debate.Debate word we usually use in reference to discussion strongly opposing to each other's thoughts, which is nothing but the showcase of anger is that form.

Personal liking and disliking - Whatever we behave, we talk, we do is mostly the reflection of our personal interests.If another person dislikes it or likes other things which we don't, its the scenario where the mindset is gotten into more or less rivalry.Anger has to be a silent partner for the rivalry.People talk with the intention of proving the correctness of the subject in their view.Sometimes that anger turns to be noisy.

Extra caring for someone - If we are looking after someone with utmost care, like it being a child, we tend to always get angry towards it.If that someone misses out something out of our extra care, which it may unknowingly, can result in a burst of anger.This is a passionate form of anger we can say ..haha...

Disability to hurt at the front - It may be the case that person we respect a lot and wishes to always do well, say elder people in the family, are unable to be directly told about our views.It's that fear which turns into anger when we can not face that person in front and tell him our view directly without hesitation.Few people can do it, but those who can't get angry behind them of course for good reason.

Which is the category of your anger..? Can it be diluted by reading this article? Let us know.

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