IT Profession - Only Success Meter today

It's that phase in India, when people talk to each other, there has to be a reference of some IT Professional relative of theirs, in their discussion. We all have experienced it and so we agree to this.There are versions of such discussions; such as - referencing each other's relatives in IT profession, (brand)organizations for which they work (even references of previous brand organizations come into picture with pride and honor!), main important factor being salaries often termed as Packages(haha..), their assets such as residential houses(including their locality, prices, amenities), cars, and similar things are also considered about spouse of the referenced ones.

Till now, you might have understood that, talk in nothing but discussion of superiority. After all these, there comes a prestigious topic which will measure and conclude success of discussed IT professionals, and it is if they have been returned from any Onsite opportunity from abroad country(ha ha..). It is like mother bomb of points in the discussion!

Some parents show off this in different angle- their son was in different countries for last few years and so we also visited some of those countries with him, and then ask indirectly you whether you or your children could achieve it or not.Then relatively subsequent topics follow it, such as huge figures of money earned there, new lifestyles they live in, blah, blah. So this is a meter made to measure the progress of the careers of the people.This is the same generation which would compare the progress cards of their children and others, while in schools.Initially this meter was based on the fact that if your son/daughter works in IT or not?

The demand of society is so much high for career that 'IT' is the stamp of most successful and rich career. Which is not that true. It is just an option among many other careers available in market.The bad side-effect of this thinking is that engineering has become a must-do course for students who are impressed by this profession, whether or not they know if they can survive that career path for a lifetime, or if not for a lifetime, but happily and joyfully.The decisions by children may not be visionary to consider long-term effects.They are focusing on the lustrous and luxurious corporate life.But they cannot judge that this view may not be same for all IT Professionals.Their minds don't click with possibility of they being unfit for that profession.They blindly select engineering branch, be it from any dumb college, go to a metro city with IT industry, approach few interviews of opportunity , if this does not work then seek a good professional course investing a good amount with maximum assurance of job guarantee, and finally somehow be placed in some organization to tell everyone I work in IT profession( :) ).

After struggling hard, few of them become fit for that career and enjoy the progress in that career. But the tragedy happens with most of others! When years pass by and they start realizing that this path may not get them THAT happiness they were dreaming of, they are often pinched with their inner voice to change the path, but..but the post-career start, liabilities to society have become heavier now.Those are, you should own a house, make your parents joyful in comparison with others, marriage planning and in those expectations of other parties esp salary, owned house, any other property and list goes on..! In this way, many people try to guide or support as per their philosophies, but ultimately it is him/her who has to walk on the way. While all this going on - the sufferer chooses to calm and boost himself, bringing bad luck factor so support his thoughts!!

Can we expect the situation to become good-better-best by sheer going forward in a self-incapable belief ? Answer is Never. The person then cannot reach the dreams he had seen few years back, and this brings him in depression mode, which is not healthy for neither him nor people surrounding him. This all must sound very sad and you are probably wanting to change the journey where all it started, and mark my words the same is wanted by that so-called IT professional who is trying deathly hard to keep the 'IT Meter' on and on...

The only attempt through this article is that if you could analyze the skills at the beginning of the journey of career, then no one can stop you bringing the dreams into reality.Remember always that IT profession is not the only way to reach our goals in life but your dreams are the only thing you cannot afford to be missed in this only life you got.So choose correct path which you are comfortable in, not the one which you are being forced by society indirectly.Because anyways, if the final dreams are not achieved you will have nothing to be happy at later stage of life, neither the path you walked on nor the failure of achievements. Think on it and select a appropriate meter for your happiness, there are many :)

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