IPL and sheer joy

For last 10 years, each summer vacation has been awaited earnestly for the sporty occasions taking place for a period more than a month.It's not something only limited to kids, but for all age groups interested in Cricket. Most of you must have guessed that enjoyable season of holidays.Yes, you are right, its Indian Premier League, popularly known as IPL.

It all started 10 years ago, a hooter buzz was the signature sound of IPL season.It was so creative and charming that people are loving it to date.IPL is the mesmerizing time enjoyment for all cricket lovers across the world.The formations of hybrid teams are the unique selling point for its viewers.The uniformity of mix of foreign players and majority Indian players makes it very much Indian and at the same time International.What a creative thought.

People are in so much love of IPL that they even follow the sold-out prices of the players.Different franchisees buy the mix of players and headline is made by the one with highest sold out the price.Pretty interesting.

Another main attraction of IPL is the fantasy which people are crazy to witness every year.The imaginations come true when you see you multiple favourite cricket players defend each other in a match or your fantasy combination of players do head to head with each other.Viewers are almost fulfilled with such desires.Your favourite bowler attacking your favourite batsman, two of your favourite batsmen(not necessarily Indian but foreigners or combination) making a strong partnership of runs, how your favourite player is handling the captaincy.These all fantasies are served to you at best in IPL.

The thing which adds Indian flavour to IPL is the teams that are formed based on the theme of major cities in India.It indirectly is helping the audience and supporters gathering across the nation.A sporty spirit is circulated with it, and everyone enjoys picking their favourite teams.Reasons for supporting specific team is based on various liking and not necessarily cricket things.

To give example, if you like and follow a business tycoon, and he owns a team in IPL, you may follow his team irrespective of players in the team, a similar thing happens for a superstar in cinema owning a team, and many such.Having said this all, it's not that fans of cricket players are at all sidelined, but they are also a big part of supporters to like a team.

Its so much fun in IPL; cricket, multiple hybrid teams, the super duper names of the teams,the points after each win, the calculations for tactfully handled semi-finals, predictions for winners, last moment surprises of competition to be qualified for  semis, awestruck performances, crazy moments on the field, colors and themes of the teams with their promotional and inspirational songs, beautiful dresses of teams, along with this, special attractions of dance of cheerleader girls on some hit moment of respective teams, and much more.

In all these shining things, its the love for cricket at core ultimately which makes IPL so special. It's very much hard to describe the entire summer vacation to be enjoyed in the form of IPL. Go enjoy it, experience it, and in case you missed it live this year, do not worry it will soon be there to entertain you coming summer.Be ready to support your team, and you will then have real involvement in IPL, I tell you.

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