Green Food and Red Food

You plan to eat anything these days, the main categorization is bound to happen, whether Veg or Non-Veg (NV).  Be it your family, friends group, lunch/dinners with colleagues and many such occasions. There comes a very first separated into two categories; what will you eat? Veg or (NV). And many times, there is casual discussion turning into a light debate which one is better, or which one is not ethical or unnatural. At the end, both the parties talk all these things while eating their preferred choices and leave the place. The point remains undecided and meets them some next occasion.

Usually, Pure Veg supporters have some common points: Basic oppose to NV is seen because of the killings of living animals and birds. People, who are sensitive towards hurting, oppose it. They say if we have plenty of veg food available in nature, why to hurt, kill and finally enjoy that eat. Also if these animals/birds are taken care, our society will get benefits of them as pets. For some religions, myths are killing anything is considered violence and sin, and will be accounted for its punishment after death.

Some spiritual speakers say, while hurting and killing a living, its emotions are negatively stored in that meat and so transferred to the body that eats it. It is also supported by the scientific reasoning that poisonous fluid is secreted in the living cells while killing, and so is harmful to us to consume. And one more reasoning is provided that human is logical and has a conscientious living, which should differentiate such violence from eating enjoyment.

After looking at these aspects, one often thinks that its right, NV is wrong to it. The opinion usually changes after noticing the points by another side.

The reasoning provided to killing by them is ferocious animals kill and eat the other livings in the forest, such Tiger, Lion, wolf, etc. They are also part of nature. With this reasoning, a human can naturally eat other livings they can. I am not sure about this point but some doctors say that few contents necessary in some diseases are only available in the meat of some specific animal/s.

Sportsmen are recommended NV food as part of their diet. The taste factor is something NV food lovers always boast of. It has that tempting feature to attract you based on its eating experience. Aspirants of the strong and properly shaped body, are always supporting NV, whether they eat or not, but they agree. NV supporters many times finishes the debate by just saying vegetables, fruits are ultimately trees, plants and most importantly living, but humans eat them. In our houses, we are killing rats, cockroaches, flies with branded poisons, tiny livings like ants, bugs, and insects are killed by us unknowingly, but it cannot be stopped. And to supply food to so much population of the world, NV plays an important part.

A very commonly heard debate, mostly funny, is whether an egg is a veg or not. You can think why this point arises.

Nowadays, a trending marketing strategy is seen in food businesses, to highlight a green symbol[Veg] , the red symbol[NonVeg], to ensure customers their choice.

Some issues remain dilemma in our society always. One of the reasons for it being prolonged is the reasoning that is applied from different aspects. And everyone feels they are thinking correctly. And the surprising thing in such debates is that all the sides appear correct to respective justifications.
Likewise discussions, debates, appealing, messaging are seen in societies as per everyone’s intellectuals, and finally, it comes to that; whatever you like you are free to eat. No government or no society has right to stop you from doing this.

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