Go Slow. DEBATE ahead.

Recall a conversation you did last time with someone. What will you call it; conversation, discussion or debate?

I know whatever it be, it is a kind of talk between persons, at least two. Every day, we come across one of these forms of talks; it may within family members, friends, relatives, office staff, strangers outside, customers in our business, and lots of other occasions. There is an unobserved impact upon your thought process, which most of the times may be negative or depressing.
It is not in our control to forget the things we come across. Especially the words with which we communicate with the people around.

Usually, we do conversation. It is very casual, a candid form of talk, without or seeming to be without plan or method. It usually happens without any agenda, and may or may not end abruptly. In day many conversations can happen in bits and pieces. A subject of the conversation can divert to any other subject and all take the liberty to talk about whatever they want. And an interesting thing is you will never know when it started and when it ended. And most importantly it won't make you feel conscious even after it’s done. Few frequent conversations are like, bringing daily needs from shops, any plan of weekends, rejoicing memories, guiding some address seeker on road, and many such in our day to day life.

When someone wants to retrieve some information, or want to explore more about a topic, rather say wanting to know views of someone, then discussion starts between them. For a discussion to happen, talkers are in well-settled mood and mentality of respecting each other's views. Also, all have enough time also to carry it on. In a discussion, talkers are more or less aligned with similar views. They hardly oppose each other, and even if they disagree they all come to an agreed point sooner after. We don't see any tension arising until it is in discussion mode. Everyone happily listens to others, with a minimum expectation of getting new views. It is most of the times healthy discussion, rather saying an exchange of views with mutual respect for disagreements. Interesting this about discussion is that when the discussion is over, you feel delighted to gain the knowledge.

When conversation and discussion get into a mode when everyone talking thinks his or her source of information must be trusted by agreeing to it! Then there comes tension in thoughts. Based on some information which he trusts, he tries his best to convince the persons in front of him. The interesting thing about the debate is, it is never planned but always triggered- observe it yourself. When someone is strongly convinced about a thought and another one denies it strongly, then there is no stop for the further talk. Even if we say that better to keep mum, but still there happens a sense of urgency to convince the people before you even after it is over. Tension and aggression are an integral part of all debates. Self-respect also comes into the picture, sometimes ego too. And then it sometimes becomes little furious. State of the minds of talkers in a debate is not really to listen but to prove their point.
So it is better to avoid these tensions by knowing in advance that we are heading towards debate. Try to turn the forthcoming debate into the discussion just keeping in mind that personal relations may be ruined if the talk turns into the debate. We may unknowingly hurt the feelings of other people, and after we calm down we may hurt ourselves by remembering the discussion. Hurt ones may be our relatives, parents, friends, people surrounding us, in short everyone whom we are fond of. We should see something like speed-breaker which controls our increasing speed and so we being hurt. Take Care.

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