Food Project - Demand And Supply

Humans have made spectacular growth everywhere. Highlighting a special case, for the enormously growing population, we have enough food available to serve them in the entire world. While saying this, please note I am not denying people dying of hunger but on the contrary, we have wastage too, so that’s the problem of channelizing available quantity to needy ones.

If we start thinking about our daily food routine, which begins with our morning breakfast, then lunch, some snacks before evening, juices to desserts after dinner, we cannot imagine the variety and quantity of food available around us. It’s simply just beyond our imagination! You might think this which is limited to your family but it’s beyond imagination for all families on the earth.

Every day we all must get food to live. This is the fact which everyone is aware of and wishes not to break or stop. To make this possible, science has made tremendous growth with their inventions. Scientist struggled to make sure that there won’t be any less supply for one of the three fundamental needs of life. Be it production of milk, grains, vegetables, fruits, and likewise edible items, they have succeeded to supply on demand.The non-vegetarian food sector is no exception to this. Whoever wants eggs, meat, seafood, they can get it anywhere in the world.

Seeing all these achievements, we hear sometimes from the people of earlier generations that though its availability problem has been overcome, but the quality of (particularly) taste of food, the essence of its consumption have been lost. Regular vegetables which used to be so tasty in their daily intake have no excitement to eat these days. The freshness, the fragrance, the essence;  its lost in today’s technology supply. Even the nutrients contents are seen minimal in them as compared to an earlier generation.

All these differences we see are because of one word closely related to those inventions – Hybrid. Every natural food has been tampered and enforced to grow tremendously to meet the supply. And why not to do that? The demands of the market have been raising so much that we are not able to produce all food organically. Whatever natural resource you think to use, it has a limitation of supply. We have to use chemical fertilizers to provide supplements which plants need to reap, liquids to prevent crops from being attacked by diseases, etc.

We all know this is more or less manner. Everyone agrees to this. But one thing that supersedes these inferior facts is that we have to struggle to live and to live we need food! We cannot overlook that! It’s said that something is better than nothing. Right, we must accept something in this age of our earth, no possibility to think of nothing.

Health is definitely being compromised while this is achieved, so it’s everyone’s personal matter to control the intake of today’s technological food in some way. We can have some organic food in the little space if we own. We should promote farmers to grow such things at least in small quality possible. Because eating something organic will be definitely better than nothing. To avoid ill effects of chemically produced and grown food, avoiding bad hobbits of outside food, fast food, unhygienic street food should be avoided, even regular exercise has become necessary.

It’s not our last generation but we have more to come and immediate one our own children’s. For their healthy lifestyles, we can arrange some ways for them.

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