Fill Patience to create ocean

Advising someone for handling a situation is way too back instead of handling the situation itself.Many examples can be given for such advices.A commonly given one is 'Be patient".

The pleasantly assured thing about above advice is that every human being must have experienced it, be in some big or small way.Since childhood, nature teaches us to utilize this resource of patience in our mind.

Remember when you try and learn to talk, you develop your eating habits, you tend to continuously keep on changing your physical activities to have firm posture, school days to college days and to career life and finally to married life.Apart from these highlighting sides of the cubicle, many things feed in our mind that its patience which is important to get to a stage of anything.This way it seems very much of course that every human being should grow more and more patient in its ongoing life.Well, it's not the case.Let's see how...

As and when our life goes on and on, our expectations are set to some levels.These achievements tempt us to achieve things faster and faster.Parallel to this, humans also become slightly more and more exposed to the fact of limited lifespan of themselves.These two things, learning of being patient and last mentioned, conflict and impatience are born and won in most cases.

Though this human nature of bypassing patience is natural, the fact still remains the same that keeping patience is ultimate winner and that too at a satisfying level. 

It is so because things tempting to get something are always lacking the hard work they deserve for being outstanding.Less the hard work in anything to make in this world, fast is the speed of the thing to lose interest in.Take any example, say a movie.Take any of your favourite movies, and then check its making process.It must be made with a lot of hard work and patience to create it.Same time, I must say that it's not guaranteed that if a movie is not your favourite one, then it's not made with hard work or patience.But the reverse is always true.

You will always find only two ways in your life, while you want to decide to achieve anything.The one difference in them is assured and that is going with or without patience.You will have to give time to plan it, do all the prerequisite work, prepare for all worst cases and even best cases.Another one, without patience, will attract you more, will tempt you to follow it, but as said, if you are visioning success long way, you are advised to go with one with patience.And you will be surprised to see the end results are really worthy of being patient.

An ocean is created by the accumulation of small water drops.And all other resources for water are too, but if you are aspiring for an ocean to see at the end, its patience you have to keep to create it.Else you have an option to become satisfied with small ponds, lakes, wells, rivers.

Choice is yours.

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