Doing wrong is not always wrong

When we do something wrong, we see ourselves someone who is incapable, inefficient and likewise.We regret it honestly.Be it a small daily routine, or something very special and occasional, we all come across such situation in our life. 
Yesterday, it was the incident with me.I describe it:

I live in apartment system.I have owned a reserved parking there in below.I own a car, which I park in that reserved parking.There is a 2 wheeler too of mine which is too parked in the same place, in a corner, so as to adjust the car parking.This is the usual scene.

Now, yesterday, I returned to my car and started parking the car with along with the already parked bike.Unknowingly, car and bike touched it each other with due scratches on each other! Done.You can imagine the pain.This I got to know when I got out of the car.Don't laugh.
You can imagine that mixture of pain and regret at that time.As everyone does, I got angry with myself, and of course, started applying me whatever adjectives I can recall at that time.I need not tell that adjectives were for my smart parking.At that moment, I was the foolish, dumb, silly, idiot and most nonsense person in my life.

I gave this incident a detailed thinking.Why is it so?

I mean, did I do it intentionally, it was even not that I always to it...Nooo...but still the low feeling about my own.And moreover, it was for the person whom I know the most, yes literally the most in this world! Doesn't it sound very much contradictory?

I give you another example - Imagine any person in your life who are among your a few beloved ones.Again imagine, that this incident was happened to be by him or her.You got the answer what I mean. 

The love, the affection towards that person whom we claim to be most knowing(being so much beloved one) can turn the same regret into just neutral, happily. Then why this does not case with ourselves?

Nothing is more important than you.It doesn't mean your near and dear ones are not important.Of course, they are, but you can see them happy if you are happy.Mark my words, 'you cannot keep people around you happy if you yourself are not happy!'

Remember, you are born some year back, your life is continuing immediately after that, and its destined to end, you wish it or not!

So don't blame yourself for such small things.

If you take any scenario in your life you think was bad and you think it's your fault, then take a minute and ask yourself, even if you would not have done that, could it have made an extraordinary difference in your life? I say extraordinary as quantity of our regret is extraordinary, isn't it?

Don't do that.Take it easy.You cannot nature around you, but nature controls you.These are just combinations of situations.One of them you faced, it was something nature offered you, experience it, and go ahead.I am sure, with its experience you will hardly do it again in that way which didn't like.

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