Devote to society for society

Fear of common people is seen used by few selfish and self-proclaimed in the name of fulfilment of ordinary peoples' wishes.

Especially in India, if we try to view this side, which most of the people are not yet in a mental state to be accepted in society, it is very horrible!

Godman, the incarnation of divine personalities, a supernatural visionary who can guide you as a messenger of God are integral identities in Indian societies. Such personalities are addressed as 'Baba' in Indian societies.They are 'provided' a stature which a practical thinking human will not be able to digest. To align with such social acceptance, you have to be driven emotionally.

Undoubtedly, India has the marvellous history of saints. They not only grew up the spiritual ability of people in society but also a great social messenger to for the same society. And if you look at the history of them in India, no Saint you will find, who has the gained the practical luxuries in return with the service offered to society whom they considered their family! They neither proclaimed themselves to be extraordinarily great nor did their deeds expressed likewise. It was their pure intention towards the goodwill of their people, and nothing else!

Making this historical faith in continuation, some fraudulent smarts make the emotions of people as principal, to run a business out of it. Most of the Indian people like to be driven emotionally, rather than being practical. If you make them think on the flip side, they outrage back on you. This has the same reason for the great history of spiritual masters India produced in the early era. But among these polluted mindsets of people, it becomes our prime responsibility to cross check them whom we devote to.

If I were to say this though there are no such cases around us, then probably, I am not sure, If these precautionary lines would have been written by me or not. But when I put such thoughts in front of you, it becomes worthwhile to think seriously about it as such deceptions are being seen around us nowadays.

We say experience comes from learning from our mistakes, not necessarily personal but mistakes of societies around us too. Why in India, too many fraud Babas are being exposed to their bad practices in the name of God and provoking emotions of people. People just devote to him/her in the hope of automatically fulfilment of their dreams. Why?

The answer is they are helpless to achieve what they want, maybe they are not finding any way to reach to their dreams. This is one section of people who are desperate of getting something in return of worshipping those Godmen. Our appointed people of governance should think over it. Poverty line covers a huge number of people inside it which such godmen take advantage of. Many young people are also seen devoted to such fraudulent people, seeking guidance on their career settlement...rubbish...!

This is one aspect, and contrary to this, there are some rich superstitious ones who are in constant worry to retain their wealth and increment it. And many such hopeful people be the part of the crowd.

Can you see these godmen whom you devote fully, are being sent to prison for the accusation. And if you see at least one such example happened around, why don't you learn before next likewise Baba arises in society? If he is truly pure in intentions he must be tested for it as a precautionary measure. No harm in that, if he fails society wins, if he is honest still the same society wins. But please do not bypass these tests by keeping your brains outside the godmen's premises along with your shoes, but carry your brains with you while sitting in front of them.

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