While everyone is busy in their routine daily life, there is detailed planning being structured for the better survival of upcoming generations!  The hazards anticipated in near future, because of the present atmospheric conditions on our mother planet earth!! The hypocrisy seen in most of the people is that they are least bothered to give it a thought!!! And so groups of best scientists on earth are working on the relocation of human species for its survival.

There is no doubt that the disaster scientists have been forecasting for long back,  is unavoidable. To mention few critical of them, are water crisis,  air pollution leading global warming, population bomb, are highest worries than anything else for the entire human family in the world. I have read these pieces of information in newspapers,  watched on TV channels,  so you may already be aware of all this I am sharing.

The water crisis is, simply saying, water resources coming to an end. The quantity of water usable for humans is lowering every year. Air pollution is something I must not tell you, because it is one of the causes that is degrading the health of human beings,  at present, it is faced by people living in urban areas. This air pollution is subsequently and continuously giving rise to a global warming effect.Global warming is causing increased levels of seas, resulting in water covering more and more land on the earth.
And at the end, it is all because of advancements utilised by unlimitedly increasing population.

Those who have understood this happening, and especially those who are parents, are emphasising on the solutions with earnestness.

Scientists might have analysed it as a deadlock situation which is very much impossible to break.Every crisis effect is giving rise to another one. However advanced scientists may be there working on it,  but they too are humans at the end,  they too have affection for this human species exactly like us. They have started figuring out an out of the box way,  which takes the human species out of this planet.

Researches are being exhaustively carried out to find an alternative planet where humans can survive. Mars missions that you might have heard about, are part of that researches.

Samples from that planet are analysed for many things like existence or availability of water there,  contents in the water,  any living organisms in the soil samples, and much more. Robots are also sent which prepare survey report on atmospheric and climate conditions there. Existing human genes might have been tested for such analysis. I have also watched one documentary which revealed that scientists are even testing the modifications in our genes,  which will make our species robust enough to withstand conditions in other planets.

Studies are also being done for reaching to the planet with the easiest way,  which will be beyond imagination for people like us. Possibilities of the existence of other galaxies are also made. Warm holes, black holes are concepts which interlink at least two galaxies. Travel to other galaxies through warm hole/black hole is imagined. There are many challenges anticipated while travelling through warm hole,  black hole. We are not even ready to proceed for that. As far as I know,  black hole,  warm hole,  these are concepts as of today. These are proven theoretically and no proofs are found till date. Concepts of parallel universes are one more aspect of this research. This is a possibility of our world including all of us as we are, is replicated, maybe,  multiple times. And we exist there with slight differences, which differences they are not sure of.

What all I am mentioning here, is very much weird to digest.This deadlock set is no problem to any individual,  nor to any family,  not any nation or any continent. This is deadlock set for our planet earth and so to all we living organisms including humans,  animals, and all that having life within. Future is not sensed safe if continued with present routine. Ideally, we can break the deadlock set but practically how it is feasible to revert the advancements by we human is the biggest and hardest challenge. The population is growing up every second of the clock, resources are required for this increasingly unlimited population,  increasing population is becoming the reason for global warming.

Many awakening programs and campaigns are being carried out to educate people.But how much we are ready to live traditionally is something I think is way too difficult. The intensity of this issue is that the heat of this is gonna hurt our children's generations very very badly.

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