CRICKET - Criticised by other games

Cricket is a strongly emerged sport in the world. It’s neither known in all of the countries but nor played or endorsed by powerful countries. To name countries playing this game are India, Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, Srilanka, and few more. You will not find names in this list such as America, Germany, Russia, or likewise countries. But there is the tremendous dominance of this game among their fan countries.

This game is born and brought up in and from England. Those who criticize this sport, always have few fixed problems with this game, which are ‘this game is played in an unconventional sport dress which is long pant and shirt [no shorts they say], not all the team members have to be active at a time while playing it [means no continuous active movements are seen for all], professional cricketers play football as warm up before their match [so Football proved more valuable according to them]’. These are some commonly heard problems by so-called critics of cricket [and these are so-called critics just unable to understand why Cricket is gaining so much of popularity.

England, being the origin of this sport, has quoted that Cricket is ‘Gentlemen’s game’. One more Gentlemen’s game is Golf and used to be played for the entertainment purpose by rich people if stated clearly. It means it was not the sole purpose of the game to be exhausted by running heavily and perform activities with exertion. So please take a note of this.

As clarified, being a gentlemen’s game, it is not necessarily for physical exercise. Cricket activates the people physically as and when required. But it does not mean they are idle mentally. In fielding team, fielders need to be alert all the time to protect their team. And similarly, in batting team, batsman facing the bowler must be active at all.

This is true that before a professional Cricket match, it’s usually seen players play Football. The reason is to warm up. It is the fact that Football is a sport with lots of physical activity involvement. So instead of a regular warm-up, players play Football to create a mood of the game and implicit warm up too. This is something like doing your comfortable thing before your performance. But it is not the fact that if they don’t play Football, they cannot play Cricket. Smiley.

Cricket has its own dignity. While playing, it feels like playing with etiquettes. Ask cricket fans, what they feel when the match of their supporting team is about to begin, what they feel when the toss happens when the Umpires [appearing very prestigious persons] enter into the field, what they cheer when the openers pair enter to bat, what will happen next ball! To know the status of this game, if got chance in a lifetime, do watch a test cricket match in England’s Lords stadium, see the public there, see the atmosphere, see the patience with which they enjoy the game, see the sophisticated way of applaud to this game. One single test match spans across 5 complete days and offers plenty of entertainment during. Cricket never gets bored due to its multiple formats, such as Test Cricket, One Day, 20-20, also domestically it has formats based on a type of ball with which it is played.

To discard criticism of every hater of cricket, for so-called reason, Cricket has everything which other games too have, it has got excitement, it has got uncertainty, it gets pace unknowing to you, it too has team spirit, it too has emotions to express in front of their fans, it too has audience and admirers following Cricket like a religion!!

And still, if you have a thought that Cricket is inferior to other games in the aspect of sports features, then you please name any legend of any other game say football, Hockey, be of any game and ask him to just play one match of Cricket with any team of cricket players. I am sure those unreasonable critics will bow to this game with etiquettes.

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