Benefit of confusion

Choosing a choice is something we always come across in life.We all tend to do this for the betterment of ourselves.From day to day daily needs of grocery to once in a lifetime asset like purchase a house, we look for choices and we, at least once, give it a thought.In this article, I am going to discuss a topic on which I am not able to take any stand.I will leave it onto the readers at the end.You give it a thought and tell me too, if you find the same what I see and if yes, is there really a choice for us?

Politics is nothing without politicians.An extremely simple statement but the truth of every human society.While we listen to the word politics, we visualize few familiar faces in that field, talking to people, to say specifically they are explaining to people.I wonder why is it always the case that they are seen explaining. Why is it not the case they are asking people what else you want from them? Have you ever wondered?

Anyone, who is somewhat follow up political news, gets fascinated with some personalities.The way they talk, they present the views of their political party, their justifications of proofs of unbiased dedication to the nation, and most importantly their power to debate. Power of debate of politicians is tested when the equally interesting entity comes into the picture, and that are political parties in opposition. The opposition is meant to criticize the party in the ruling. Followers of politics are keenly listening and discussing this tug of war between parties.But there is surely a dilemma in the mind of every follower, that who is truly right?

As a prima facie, every politician or speaker of the party looks convincing. We also agree with them. It is the state of our mind at the timing. We also appreciate and praise the speaker. But dilemma takes its place when the opposition logically counters with equal conviction.Initially, our mind resists accepting the opposition because it was most of us who brought the present party in the ruling. But when we keep hearing such consistent counters, then the state of confusion goes on increasing. More interestingly, it also happens that our friend or someone tells us some flipped aspect of the politician whom we follow. Naturally, we tend to oppose, but somewhere in our mind we also know it could be true, and start believing, which I think we should agree because to err is human and so there can be flipped unlikable aspect of the personality whom we follow.

But the question still remains the same. Which politician to follow and choose him to lead our nation? Of course for the betterment of lives as we talked about choice at the very beginning of this topic. The confusion reaches to its peak in politics when we try to understand the different theories of the politics, I don't know many but some commonly heard are Communism, socialism, liberal, national, I am not sure if I named correctly, but are the guiding force to politics.When you learn the principles of any multiple theories, you feel it is so right, and sometime later you also learn and internally agree with other theory.

The biggest thing I wonder is, do the politicians take advantage of this logical confusion? Is it the case that because of this dilemma, we people try to choose relatively better options in politics among the available ones? I simply cannot understand why the entire world cannot leave in peace with all people doing their respective jobs with honesty...

I am not sure if what I am sensing is been felt by others. I am not at a stage to suggest any solution to this. But I wonder about all this, do you also?

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