Ayurveda - Proud Heritage for Health

For India, we always have a soft corner for our history, culture, traditions, etc. It doesn’t matter how tightly we are associated with that, but we like to own it.One such belonging to India, proudly claimed to be thousands of years ago, is Ayurveda! The medical department in itself!

Accept it or not, but every person in the world has an intake of ayurvedic medicine in some of the other form. The very fundamental thought of this treatment, as I understood, is that we have medicine available for the human body for every illness or disease. To give an example, say honey is useful in increasing the immunity power, cures a cough also and other such benefits. Turmeric, if applied to any injury to the external body, cures it, and if taken internally, it dissolves any clot in the body.

This information is known to people in more or less manner.Ayurvedic doctors termed Vaidya] obtain it from history books. It is unbelievable that those people at least thousands of years ago, in that era, studied these procedures and retained that knowledge so genuinely. It is still useful and applies miraculously to many human body problems.

But in society, often we notice a slight doubtful confusion with regard to Ayurvedic treatment effectiveness and time taken for the cure. People tend to say Ayurved is too much time taking treatment, which is indirectly not compatible with the very fast routine life of people in this era. While saying this, it always has support firmly popular treatment and that is Allopathic medicines. Its heard that Allopathy makes you fit in the shortest period as compared to Ayurvedic.I really cannot comment on this being not a professional in the medical field, but for some usual problem in this era, we may agree to it.Because the treatment methods and medicines availability along with allopathic medical professionals is huge in the entire world today. But still, with regard to allopathy also, we hear a common indirect concern that is side effects of those medicines, which are experienced by everyone some time.

Ayurveda is not merely a treatment to cure after diseases, but it imposes a disease-free life by streamlining your routine life, which is disciplining timings of daily routines such as sleeping time, eating habits, Yoga [which is subsidiary part of Ayurveda] for keeping the body toned, spiritual guidelines to keep you mentally healthy, etc. Ayurveda also asks you to avoid things that may probably give rise to any disease or malfunctions in the body, to give example, it objects to eat a combination of fruits and milk, stating it as ‘Viruddh Anna’[opposite food] because of which it leads to serious problem in more or less manner.
Ayurvedic is said to cure every disease, provided found its root cause. And this is possible on the basis of education written thousands of years ago. On seeing these facts, I have a point to make here: ‘If Ayurvedic education would have been researched and upgraded as per the various diseases seen in today’s age, then probably things could have been truly in favour of Ayurved.’And this is the sad part of one of a medical worlds, almost without side effects.

Ayurved is still firm on the basis of its fundamental knowledge to cure the human body, even today too. But unfortunately; it should be provided with its stature it deserves. Research should be initiated to make it effectively compatible with advanced diseases. After all, why anyone will prefer intake direct laboratory produced chemicals instead of natural food to cure their diseases. Being a proud and proven heritage of India, if paid attention to, it can cure diseases of this entire world.

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