Anger Elimination - Convince Or Be Connvinced

The easily triggered and mostly considered destructive emotion of we humans is anger. It is so sensational emotion that everyone around the angry person becomes cautious and tend to settle down the anger of the one who is angry. In anger, a person usually tempts to be violent and so harmful, maybe by his words or acts or both. It is the emotion which actually creates a resistance towards the thoughts or/and acts of the people who are (so-called)cause of the anger.And the truth is, it is really very difficult to easily blame someone who was angry if we listen to the cause from his angle. This article doesn't at all justify or provides an excuse for violence or deeds of crimes, but to think on roots of such situations to eliminate crimes from society.

I have never heard the sound of clap with only one hand.There have to be both of the hands.
Usual suggestion to the anger-prone person is told to let the time be passed, instead of reacting instantly to the situation. I believe that in every living being, there is an inner voice which tells him what is good and what is bad, very clearly. The problem is that multiple emotions take over it and that inner voice is sidelined or ignored though we hear it clearly. When there is a situation you feel to get angry one, my first honest advice will be to keep calm.I said a too simple and too much boring statement but believe me this act possess the power to keep you in a safe zone.

Why I advise likewise, there are reasons for it. If you felt to react to some situation in anger, there has to be basically 2 reasons; either you are lacking in the knowledge in comparison with the person before you or if the is other way round then you are not able to convince the person before you. You need to make the understanding in which part your anger falls at that time.And this you have to make habit of.Because after the anger is exhausted, the only thing that most possibly happens to left with you is guilt.This guilt will remind you the way you reacted because of your anger.And let me tell you this has a cascading impact on your further days of living.

For the first reason case, we need to quickly get that we do not have the knowledge and then lets quickly admit it.Otherwise, the person before you, if we assume he has good knowledge, can take you in the forest of discussion and then debate where you might be completely exhausted with mental power and respect in the group. We need to save both.
In case of second reason case, if you are damn sure that you are absolutely correct and possesses true information with you, then keep yourself calm and let the person put his half-knowledge views.You explain him the true information and also the source of it.The calmer you will be with him, the more respect you will gain from him, by something called kindness.
Neither you will like someone dominating you nor someone will like dominated by you. But in this all, anger will be dominated.

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