Valentine's Day - How To Make It Worth Remebering

Since the start of the winter, pleasant feelings are experienced. Reason being, unlike in summer we are terrified by hotness in climate and unlike in monsoon, we are not restricted to go somewhere with due checking weather conditions. Winter is really very special. No doubt it boosts the energy levels, positivity, we become more active, best weather to enjoy life.

Not sure, but if its a coincidence that Valentine's Day is celebrated intentionally in winter. But one cannot imagine Valentine's Day in any other season.

Whatever I read or got to know, this love day, is shrouded in mystery. It is an honouring one or more Saints named Valentinus who were martyred.Stories vary from source to source so I will not describe any here.

This day is a celebration of romance. Youngers and elders both can celebrate the festival with equal spirit and passion. Winter adds a pleasant flavour to this celebration. Being natural, younger people enjoy this enthusiastically. Planning is done with thoughtful process well in advance, in which special care is taken for the surprise factor.

Things going in heads of Valentine couples:
  • His/her valentine must get surprised 
  • Celebrate in something new way to be remembered
  • Of course, it should be impressive
  • Finance management for special gifts and celebrations
  • Surfing for celebration venue and gifts and their finalization
  • Elimination of chances for unplanned things, avoiding ruining
  • 'Dressical' planning to make it photogenic
  • Most importantly, no compromise in expressing the love

How it can be celebrated worth remembering:-

- Planning is necessary for making the day special

- The only way to do something new is to go for a plan of combination of things which you have not done yet, be it simple or less costly but will provide a feeling of newness 

- The best way to impress your valentine will be 'Just be yourself'. No overreacting, no extra efforts for impressing artificially, no show-off.Be genuine and work is half done 

- Gifts and Celebration venue or whatever is suggested to be as per our financial situation, because do remember he/she is in love with you, and his/her decision will not be altered because the amount of money being spent. Spending within limits will obviously keep your mind calm.This is skill and not close-fisted behaviour.

- Take the gifts in your custody as early as possible, as you cannot afford its unavailability at the last moment. Finalize the celebration venue with, at least, basic enquiry beforehand, so that you will be peaceful because of the assurity.

- Chocolates, Cakes, Flowers, Greeting Cards are the obvious companions of the gift. They decorate the atmosphere and so the mood.

- Try to keep the plans intact as long as possible. We never know but at least do no celebrate this day with something urgent going on in your mind.Better you celebrate the occasion next day by you being entirely his/hers, will be delighting. 
Do keep few lines/quotes ready, something you generated on your own.

- You are the best judge to choose a dress for the festive. You know that one fitting of the dress which fills confidence in you. Choose a new of such fitting. Do not try to be over cautious and go for uncomfortably doubtful attire.

- Keep the mood damn positive and make a note to be as cool as possible even if something unpleasant happens at the time.Face it.

- Finally no excuses to the ultimate intention of the moment, and that is expressing the love. Wait for the moment and when you think that now I am settled emotionally for this moment, express with your own words and feelings. Put your Heart in front in the form of feelings and finally in the form of words. Go For It! You can try someone else's dialogues, lines, quotes, but those will be still less impressive than those you produced from your Heart. Remember it.

This is the one day, even the unmarried and married couples have the chance to let their Valentines know how much they are important for them, and why you want them in your life forever. Don't Miss It!

  Happy Valentine's Day  

Work For Money - Work For Passion - Both Required

The second hardest thing in our lives is to keep the balance between the earning for a living and living the life satisfactorily. Food, Shelter and Clothes, these being the most fundamental things required for life, we have to have them anyhow. When a human is born, it all starts with these 3 things only. But as the life progresses, it does not limit only to those.

Unlike all other livings, humans start their life in a very structured way.While that structure being followed up, fundamental needs are taken care implicitly as a part of our social living.And so the focus is on satisfaction in the form of achievements, happiness, enjoyments, and multiple things.In this chase of the satisfaction, we tend to sideline the fundamental needs(those 3 things mentioned above).

When the entire human race is able to somehow earn the 3 things, our likings take primary position in our life, such as our passion in life.It may not be sure that if we will be able to achieve all those things by earning through passion.Because what happens is in the early stage of life, we pick a track for our lifetime and at slightly later stage we come to know that we had to be somewhere else instead of this.But dilemma begins thereafter. You have been trained to earn money until this stage, this track fulfils your need of 3 things, but you are not satisfied.You have food to eat, house to live in, clothes to wear in, all satisfied physically, but your mind is still hungry for something else.And do note here that the 4th thing will come into picture when you can manage first 3 things.

At some stage of life, you have the responsibility of family, dependents, and liabilities. You cannot just throw them away and start picking a new track. It is not that easy.

You need to start planning for it.This always needs strong determination.Once you have the responsibility, you cannot just scatter the things in your personal life and start a new running. The new run will never guarantee the same amount of earnings, as you need to make your expertise firm there.To make it firm, your mind should be at least be relaxed for the assured fundamental living of your family.Then you can grow the exploration of that satisfaction world of yours as and how you like.The harder efforts will definitely be no issue, as it has now started achieving satisfaction for you.
Do not be selfish to look for only your happiness.Because your achievements will not be best celebrated by anyone other than your family.

Do not do sacrifice of your passions because do remember that this is the only life and it is going to end someday.And if you are not happy so will not your family.
Plan for the balanced run.

Always remember, it is never too late.Those who have started earlier in the same field than you, may not have the same passion or urge like that of yours.Because now have seen the life and you know the importance of missing this thing in life.You will not give any chance to miss it again.
Even the journey of this achievement will become enjoyable. Go ahead.

Anger Elimination - Convince Or Be Connvinced

The easily triggered and mostly considered destructive emotion of we humans is anger. It is so sensational emotion that everyone around the angry person becomes cautious and tend to settle down the anger of the one who is angry. In anger, a person usually tempts to be violent and so harmful, maybe by his words or acts or both. It is the emotion which actually creates a resistance towards the thoughts or/and acts of the people who are (so-called)cause of the anger.And the truth is, it is really very difficult to easily blame someone who was angry if we listen to the cause from his angle. This article doesn't at all justify or provides an excuse for violence or deeds of crimes, but to think on roots of such situations to eliminate crimes from society.

I have never heard the sound of clap with only one hand.There have to be both of the hands.
Usual suggestion to the anger-prone person is told to let the time be passed, instead of reacting instantly to the situation. I believe that in every living being, there is an inner voice which tells him what is good and what is bad, very clearly. The problem is that multiple emotions take over it and that inner voice is sidelined or ignored though we hear it clearly. When there is a situation you feel to get angry one, my first honest advice will be to keep calm.I said a too simple and too much boring statement but believe me this act possess the power to keep you in a safe zone.

Why I advise likewise, there are reasons for it. If you felt to react to some situation in anger, there has to be basically 2 reasons; either you are lacking in the knowledge in comparison with the person before you or if the is other way round then you are not able to convince the person before you. You need to make the understanding in which part your anger falls at that time.And this you have to make habit of.Because after the anger is exhausted, the only thing that most possibly happens to left with you is guilt.This guilt will remind you the way you reacted because of your anger.And let me tell you this has a cascading impact on your further days of living.

For the first reason case, we need to quickly get that we do not have the knowledge and then lets quickly admit it.Otherwise, the person before you, if we assume he has good knowledge, can take you in the forest of discussion and then debate where you might be completely exhausted with mental power and respect in the group. We need to save both.
In case of second reason case, if you are damn sure that you are absolutely correct and possesses true information with you, then keep yourself calm and let the person put his half-knowledge views.You explain him the true information and also the source of it.The calmer you will be with him, the more respect you will gain from him, by something called kindness.
Neither you will like someone dominating you nor someone will like dominated by you. But in this all, anger will be dominated.

Respect Country - Respect Earth

One's country is his/her pride.It is best felt when we leave our country and travel to the other.You sense the notion of it.At the same, we must remember, the same applies to the people on the other side.Yes.

We are fond of talking about the goodness of our country, features, the traditions-how good are they, climate, big cities, food culture, and everything tends to be admirable in your country.
This should not become unidirectional otherwise there happens good chances of making impression on other people instead of sharing the best of our country.

Do remember that if we are travelling to some other people's land or they are coming to our land, it means there is an implicit and mutual appreciation for that of each other.Because without this, ours and their paths would not have crossed at all, and we all would have lived the life in our own ways.And this is not definitely good for the development of the entire world.

If we are allowing foreign people onto our land then they become our guests.Guests are so provided so much of warmth everywhere for which no human society must be an exception.Welcoming the guests and guests appearance too is mutual respect.

We should tend to share our goodness with them and at the same time we must listen and allow them to share theirs too.And while saying this, respect for each other is only and has to be part of this all.We should avoid commenting on the ongoing or past issues between the countries.Honestly telling that is none of our business, unless you are the authorized political person for that and sent for the sole purpose.And same applies to our guest too.

If we are meeting by chance to someone from altogether different human society, country, culture, then it becomes our best chance to learn the good things whatever they possess and have been living with.If nature has created all the human beings, then we cannot just pinpoint the backdrops in each other.Rather we do not have a right of that.Everyone is continuously in a stage of the betterment of their society, in some way.

This does not go only with individual meetings but to any layer of the meeting between foreigners, such as personal, business related, political, and any layer which can be utilized as an exchange of thoughts and hence knowledge with each other.

After all, it is true, divided we fall, united we stand.This earth we live on is our one and only land.We cannot leave it.Then why do not make it the best for our living? The notion we sense for our country, if we all feel it for our earth you can imagine the power we humans can have to live the best possible way here.

Let's live it.

Go Slow. DEBATE ahead.

Recall a conversation you did last time with someone. What will you call it; conversation, discussion or debate?

I know whatever it be, it is a kind of talk between persons, at least two. Every day, we come across one of these forms of talks; it may within family members, friends, relatives, office staff, strangers outside, customers in our business, and lots of other occasions. There is an unobserved impact upon your thought process, which most of the times may be negative or depressing.
It is not in our control to forget the things we come across. Especially the words with which we communicate with the people around.

Usually, we do conversation. It is very casual, a candid form of talk, without or seeming to be without plan or method. It usually happens without any agenda, and may or may not end abruptly. In day many conversations can happen in bits and pieces. A subject of the conversation can divert to any other subject and all take the liberty to talk about whatever they want. And an interesting thing is you will never know when it started and when it ended. And most importantly it won't make you feel conscious even after it’s done. Few frequent conversations are like, bringing daily needs from shops, any plan of weekends, rejoicing memories, guiding some address seeker on road, and many such in our day to day life.

When someone wants to retrieve some information, or want to explore more about a topic, rather say wanting to know views of someone, then discussion starts between them. For a discussion to happen, talkers are in well-settled mood and mentality of respecting each other's views. Also, all have enough time also to carry it on. In a discussion, talkers are more or less aligned with similar views. They hardly oppose each other, and even if they disagree they all come to an agreed point sooner after. We don't see any tension arising until it is in discussion mode. Everyone happily listens to others, with a minimum expectation of getting new views. It is most of the times healthy discussion, rather saying an exchange of views with mutual respect for disagreements. Interesting this about discussion is that when the discussion is over, you feel delighted to gain the knowledge.

When conversation and discussion get into a mode when everyone talking thinks his or her source of information must be trusted by agreeing to it! Then there comes tension in thoughts. Based on some information which he trusts, he tries his best to convince the persons in front of him. The interesting thing about the debate is, it is never planned but always triggered- observe it yourself. When someone is strongly convinced about a thought and another one denies it strongly, then there is no stop for the further talk. Even if we say that better to keep mum, but still there happens a sense of urgency to convince the people before you even after it is over. Tension and aggression are an integral part of all debates. Self-respect also comes into the picture, sometimes ego too. And then it sometimes becomes little furious. State of the minds of talkers in a debate is not really to listen but to prove their point.
So it is better to avoid these tensions by knowing in advance that we are heading towards debate. Try to turn the forthcoming debate into the discussion just keeping in mind that personal relations may be ruined if the talk turns into the debate. We may unknowingly hurt the feelings of other people, and after we calm down we may hurt ourselves by remembering the discussion. Hurt ones may be our relatives, parents, friends, people surrounding us, in short everyone whom we are fond of. We should see something like speed-breaker which controls our increasing speed and so we being hurt. Take Care.

Viewing Cinema in Theaters - Humans Festive

Of course, experiences of association with nature are delightful.Mere a glance at greenery makes your mood swing in a positive way.Still, I would say humans who invented so many things till date, also give enormous delight to the mind.I am going to describe one such powerful experience house created by human beings - its Cinema Theater.

How we celebrated cinema viewing a couple of decades back -
Since childhood, almost everyone is in awe of the new world of some other living things in cinema.Its viewed in the darkness.Its a festival going to view cinema in the theater.There happened to plan.Once is a quarter of half year, there used to be a choice of a cinema which everyone in the family or neighbours would agree upon.Then, on the initiative by a few couples, there would be gathering of interested ones.After deciding the availability of almost everyone, a date would be finalized and immediately show time.

On the day of show, planning of the daily schedule would be there, such as special choosy dressing for adults and kids, meals timing on that day, etc.In all this happening, children had no bound to their joys, whether or not they know anything about the cinema, but they used to be sure that experience must be enchanting to them. 

Everyone gets ready on time, and tries enough to make others be on time! They never wanted to miss a single glimpse of the experience. 

With all finishing touch up to their so-called festive attire, ladies and gentlemen gather and head towards the celebration spot.There is great joy in their hearts, and something special
definitely.Gentlemen, ladies and children, it is a group of.
All reach the theatre location, waiting for the experience to experience cinema. 

Some proactive gentlemen buy tickets with all headcounts and distribute to every single individual.There used to be a ring of a show over and a new show to be started.And all enter the cinema hall.Songs from the same movie, usually, would be playing in audio in the hall.It created strong mood of the same movie going to be viewed.Checking the seat numbers group would be arranged in a row to be together.

All set to finally enjoy the experience.

Audio is played off.And the beginning bell rings.All alert to hear the announcement.Staring towards the silver screen to glow colourfully. Censor board certificate with smooth noise from speakers.And everyone with their personal feelings entered into a new world.
If the film hits the emotions of them, then its desired that experience should continue on and on.

And how we view cinema nowadays:-
Lots of things in above-mentioned experiences changed.We view the trailers online, book tickets online, read the reviews and critics comments before choosing a cinema, theatre franchise choices, audio quality, visual appeals, and many more.

Some cinema release in different dimensions[2D/3D/4D], some in
different formats[Imax and regular]. Many more parameters are in place to enhance the experience to its best.

So not going to describe in details as we all are living in this world already. Not necessarily today people go in groups, they prefer going to celebrate cinema with own family only, mostly.

But what remains intact in the core is the enthusiasm to go there and view it on larger than life screen, that interest that charm is still there of viewing cinema in theatres.And that thing is something which time could not take away from this human-made delight!

Unbiased Fan - Can it start to happen

Fan - A simple word which most often we hear or use, to emphasize the admiration, whom or whose work we want others also to notice about. Isn't it?

When you use this word, it instantly creates the impression about you that whether you can handle the criticism about that person or not.It also brings an additional and informal responsibility of every side of his/her personality to tackle in an unbiased manner.But 'Unbiased Fan', this is the ultra-contrast combination to be seen.Because if you are Fan of someone, you can hardly handle the negative side of that idol, even if you agree with that flip-side.

I liked the sentence of a news journalist, where he usually asks people not to become Fan of someone.Then he says, if you become the one, then most likely that you will see the world through his eyes only, you will blindly follow his thoughts, you will accept his way of behaviour ignoring blindly the other sides.

Some of the clever readers of these lines will immediately put a question that then no one in this world will be a fan of anyone, or rather say if we like someone's work or we want to follow him, then how can it be possible without being a fan?

I try to explain this:

The word Fan is mostly used in the context of sportspersons, movie stars, business tycoons, politicians, or the ones damn popular in their respective career fields.I observe a strange psychology with a human being that when we see someone as a public figure, our brain gets impressed with him as the one who did something extraordinarily unnatural.We try to forget that he too is a human being who has succeeded till there with some reasons.So we ought to admire it if it is really positive for our society.

At the same time, we should limit the admiration to the boundary of the career that idol is performing in.You cannot associate his admirable performance with his every activity of his life and justify his wrongdoings, if any, taking the illogical support of his talented performance in his area.
For example, a politician addresses his followers to make a corruption free society and promises to do so if his followers support him.At the same time, in his personal life, you cannot accept him if he commits some crime.You cannot defend or justify this.If a film star that you admire, shares a cordial relationship with an accused or a criminal, you ought not to support him, however big fan you are of his work.

When people become Fan they tend to worship the performers and this creates a psychological impact on the minds of 'people-grown' idols such that they tend to hide the bad things from you.They worry about their image in the eyes of their fans.This is harmful to the society.And on the reverse side, also if any wrongdoing comes in front of their fans they also are not able to take it up.

Every human being is born with some shortcoming.You cannot just extend his perfectness to infinite level merely on the basis of his skilful and talented performers in his field, and just ignore his life's grey shades completely dedicating your mind and your thoughts to him.

Remember, your thoughts are very unique, just like every human being is unique.Apply them sensibly for the betterment of your life and society around you.What is the use that uniqueness gifted by nature, if few 'idols' influence it for their own betterment?

Trending Digital

Let me have an obvious magical are reading these thoughts of mine on, maybe computer, laptop, tab, or maybe smartphone, but one thing that is sure that you are not reading it on some printed paper[if you like this article, you can print it for you or someone but the first reading is for sure on soft copy]!!! Isn't that magic!

The time I am pressing keys on keyboards is digital age or we can say transforming to digital life.
The media with which we are communicating with each other are marvellous. You don't feel isolated at any time, anywhere you be in the world.It is that power of the communicating mediums, to name specifically those are Facebook, WhatsApp, Emails portals are the big names hugely used.The moment you see you are connected to the internet you feel very safe and lively.It is something that has almost become a fundamental necessity of living.Send some contents from one corner to another corner of the world, and that too instantly. That is the actual magic we are all cherishing.Even the voice calling of the internet is being used by people irrespective of traditional coverage issues and extend the joy with video calling irrespective of the distance you are apart. Facebook takes care of you so much that you feel treated very personally.It offers you to join some interesting groups of your choices, suggests friends you might have missed to join, provides many more ways to express your views, feelings to whom you meet occasionally. This is so good I must say.

The most loved entertainment medium is youtube, what a portal..! damn good.We don't even care if we will miss any of our favourite shows, news, especially any video broadcasting from TV, we rely on Youtube more than on Television these days.We are sure YouTube will provide us with those missed content to us.Not only as a TV alternative but for any entertainment content category.I will suggest anyone who is not that aware of youtube, ask him/her to just visit while he/she get bored sometimes, and just type in any damn word in search box and they will find numerous video contents in front of them.It does not only stop here but while watching YouTube guesses your category of choice and suggests more likewise contents to you so that you can enjoy the experience uninterrupted.It pushes the limits to one more level in which you also can be part of the content if you wish.If you have some video contents and feel to share with the global audience, it is just a few clicks away.Upload it and let others enjoy it because of you, and you can create a separate channel of such similar content which will be the place to view for the people.

One more informative area is websites.In old days we need to search for the office of some organization to inquire something.It is not the case now. Just type in few similar word in google and it will find the virtual office place which we call website, for you.Visit the website and you get all the information needed.Don't you find it magical when we compare it with an old in-person visit to a physical location?The online support trend is also booming nowadays, in which executives are available online to support you for any related query.They may chat with you, call you back on your phone, send email to you. I find these extremely uncommon.

You can just call or book a taxi with a mobile application, and the vehicle will be at your gate to pick you up! It is not just that but the payment also will be done through online wallet associated! More to this, for safety, the vehicle will be tracked for its every momentary location, including all the details of the driver!

You open the website or mobile app and book your favourite movie to watch, theatre, and seats, and even pay the money, and to continue further, it doesn't stop here but you don't have to carry any paper copy these days! You show the gatekeepers the e-ticket in your mobile gadget and enter without worry to carry it out with you.Entire process digitized. Magically!

Hotstar is a mobile application which telecasts the sports matches live on your mobile gadget. No need to sit down in front of your TV all the time.It releases the premiere shows directly too.On paid service, it offers you to watch many latest contents there.

To extend, online web portals are something like Amazon Prime Video are becoming popular these days. Creative people from the film industry are releasing their shot contents directly here such as short films, web series and experts say it is the future of entertainment industry.

This I mentioned above are the popular or the trends I know. There are huge things coming into the digital market, and transformations going on which even I cannot imagine or know at the time.But still, I see this digital trends something like 'Alice in Wonderland' story.We may not recognize it instantly as we are living in it and we moved to it step by step slowly.But to get an idea of this magic, just rewind yourselves back to many years, or say when you were a little child and then view the world we live in now, it is magic!

Travelling, for refreshment in life

Many people around us tell us that they are very much fond of travelling to same or different places.Personally, I used to feel it very boring ..ha ha ha... I saw travelling as a tedious way to ruin your relaxation time.But there were reasons for it and now I have a different view for it.

My simple thinking is that travelling is joyful if you are enjoying life without any significant concurrent concerns in yours.Those concerns should not dominate you to refrain you from enjoying one joyful aspect.

Traveling needs the energy to enjoy.You cannot go to travel with fever in your body or with any coughing or cold conditions or likewise.No one can enjoy travelling in such physical conditions.

Simply saying, you have to be mentally and physically relaxed to get energy from travelling phenomenon.

And there won't be any person who would not like to visit GREEN Nature from their artificial forest of cement and concrete!

I heard, in some countries, there are forests developed which are charged like spas for the entry in it.These natural places are grown like a forest with a different variety of trees, bushes, herbs.People are benefited by spending some hours in association with the trees, because of their offering of peace, plenty of oxygen, some trees even provide medical benefits merely just by being near to them.

The main attraction of travelling is to visit GREEN nature.Along with this, riverside remote places, mountains, hill stations, beaches, sanctuaries, and many more are different forms where we can travel.It's not necessarily flying by air or by train only.It may be near to you too.People sometimes make it as grace and as do it as a fashionable doing.We should not forget the fundamental necessity of travelling.

Travel by air or by train, or very long distance journeys may not be affordable by everyone, but then we should not dominate enjoyment.If that would have been the case, then so many people wouldn't have been admirers of trekking, hiking, wandering.

To give you a glimpse of pleasure by travelling, just do one thing.For a complete day(having no office/business work), starting from you get up in morning, just be there in your house.Take all your food on time, relax in between, watch how much TV you can, play mobile games if you want, and do all indoor stuff.Initially, you will feel very awesome, no physical stress, no work to do.In the evening, there is a very weird sense of staleness you start to sense.I am sure it's with every one of us.Though we have relaxed fully, no work exertion, mental enjoyment with gadgets, but why staleness after all..?
Now do one more thing in continuation with this.

In the evening, when you start feeling stale, just wear some casual clothes, and choose any place around your home you would like to visit, and just go.Yes, just go with anyone who is willing to accompany you, family, friend/s, relatives, anyone.

The moment you exit out of your home, which was though very comfortable for the entire day, will be dissolving your staleness very refreshingly. everyone has experienced it some other time in life.
This is very astonishing that Nature has tremendous positivity in it to naturally relax you.If you are on a train or a bus, the running mode of them gives us so much of pleasure.

The entire duration you spend in travelling, starting from preparing yourself with excitement, to start of an actual journey, reaching the place, enjoying the place,  returning home with shopping in it, becomes a short-term life experience in itself.Eben their memories make you feel so much refreshed, it's just fine.

I am to make an equally simple point here that such staleness is always being accumulated in your daily routine lifestyle.After a certain prolonged circular routine, you must get out for some travelling.I know you will agree with me on this.It will be that moment where unknown staleness will start dissolving and you can experience it.

Trailer - Challenge to your thinking process

Trailers, teasers, promos of a movie are the things which are viewed much more than the actual movie going to be released.Yes, it is.Simple reason for that being, its free, it's exciting, its adrenaline running, and most importantly it gives us an idea of expectation we can keep from the end product.
People outside the project think these things are to attract the customers, to increase their business.Apart from few people think that's only to do with business purpose only.

But only a few people are really admiring the hard work the team behind went through, to bring it out for you.We ought not to forget that this is also one of the servicing works in the societies.If thought on granular level, we can see it just another work for in society.

Some movie trailers really are awaited after the long wait.Its news is already creating a buzz in the various media.Even the shooting snaps are seen being viewed in between shooting.The fantasies people imagine are taking high leaps for the teasers and then trailers and finally to release of the complete movie.The whole journey is really very very exciting.Especially when you are following a particular cinema person, be it actor/actress, director, music composer or it can be anyone
whose work you admire regularly.

These days one step is inserted or rather say modified, and that is motion poster release.Earlier, it was the case of releasing only the movie poster but its reformed in this era as motion poster, which too is exciting to watch.

After that teaser is released.Many people are not knowing the concept of the teaser, which is there for literally teasing the audience.Teaser teases you and makes you a thinker for the possibilities of the story,and visualization of the final movie.If it appeals people are now in wait for a trailer to see in which film is revealed in brief, which tries very hard to appeal viewers to come and watch the movie in the theater.

The trailer usually gives you a glimpse of movie's best scene which can compel you to go to a theater.It creates your own version of that movie in your own mind.It gives you the feel of the music, be that be songs or background score of the music, and I tell you those really one of the best-selected pieces you will hear while watching a movie.An idea is inserted into your mind to imagine the product they have finally made and they challenge you that still, it will be very much different than
what you thought until release.That's the power of trailer.

And mainly trailer is the time where release date is officially and finally announced.
Now is the period to just enjoy the promos in various parts of the the film which are small forms of teasers.

Different advertisement posters to remind you not to forget to watch the product they have made over the months.

They invite you, they want to show you the hard work they did, they are waiting for you after this requests.After all, it's their job.

Television news media - Responsibility of citizens

News media is such strong conveyor of the happenings all around the world. I am wanting to express thoughts wandering in my mind about television media especially, in this article.

My very first thought on TV media is that it has become a power show of stardom. Let me elaborate this. I am not a regular viewer of television media. But whenever I prefer to watch the news on TV, I give preference to the news anchor who will be reporting the news to me.In an aspect, his way of delivering the report to the public is taken into account. Those anchors are carrying stardom in my view. I get fascinated by their presentation. In a way, I become their fan. And this thing, I sensed was not uncommon with me only, but not many other people when I came across fan clubs on social media!

Of course, if news anchor impresses you to that extent so that you prefer to see the news on the channel on which he will be presenting, there must be some qualities in him which attract people to listen and be convinced to his thoughts.That's why we see him.This proves we are convinced with his point those have been put.

I feel very uneasy when people around me label the channels as a supporter of the particular political party! Not being a regular viewer of TV news, then I intentionally watch that particular channel and try to verify the point people talk about. And let me tell you, I cannot strongly deny what people said. Somewhere I too feel that they are correct, but in the next minute, I see myself on the other side. I  think that what if I say that it is people who are biased to see good things about their favourite political party!

I also observed that it is almost impossible to have a common stand of all people of a country. And these differences start the segregation of supporters. I not only strongly believe but also am sure that there is not a single person who is not supporting his/her country! It is just the difference of opinions. Be there be any national issue and let be there any political ruling party, that party has to take some stand. Has to! And it must not be in anyone else's favour apart from our nation's favour! People and political parties with a different opinion may oppose to cross check if it really is worthy decision and there are debates viewed.

News anchors also share their views indirectly on other channels reporting. And as a right of journalism, they do it. They do it to clarify each and every doubt people may have in their mind. Respective viewers support their convinced channel of their opinions.

I will still say, whatever TV news media show, it is finally we people of this country who should force the media to present facts in front of us.If we hear talk that news channels are biased, it also means they are showing because we re interested to see that bias. it also means that we are not interested in verifying the facts, it also means that if there is any truth that news channels are corrupt then by viewing these channels we are fanning them to be more corrupt, it also means we are interested in presentation rather than contents, it also means we are forgetting the purpose of news media and power of citizens for betterment of our nation !

We have to be sensible and not emotional when it comes to the nation. We should not be emotionally driven by the strongly convincing debates that happen to divert your minds from the nation's interest. In fact, it should be the people in power, be it politicians or be it popular news channels, they should think twice before thinking of fooling us if they are doing so anyway.

Because, it is only one thing which comes first before everyone, and that is the nation, for which we ought to do this.

Television Is Unreal

A form of struggle is involved while refraining kids from doing things which we ask them to avoid. Elder people around them have a vision for not well for kids, but kids can’t see it.With the growing technology, Television has been so much an integral part of our lifestyle. And it’s seen a routine excitement for kids equally or more. You must have got the struggle in the topic now.

Actually, it’s a game with two main parties are involved, these are Parents and Broadcasting channels. Parents try hard to see kids involved in outdoor activities. But the inventions in cartoon serials, superhero series, and larger than life presentations tempt kids to go to any their best extent to follow their favourite shows. Kids like to fantasize this viewed material in their own way. Somewhere in their mind, they see to become like it.

For the sake of entertainment, it’s very nice. The worry of parents is that how to involve kids in outdoor activities. As mentioned just now, seeing television for some fun is necessary. But television viewing to greater extent imbalances their indoor and outdoor activity combination. As it may have severe problems on their mind. Their mindset becomes to enjoy the things alone. In life, they don’t know that they will leave in society for which outdoor sport plays very much an important part.

We cannot deny the good side of indoor games, but I see outdoor games overriding those on indoor ones. Outdoors have an implicit physical activity which is recommended strongly for kids. Their give and take with other kids in sport, make them mature enough to deal with humans. At the end, it will be human beings whom all kids will be going to be with similar humans in future.

So the challenge is always ready for parents how to provide indulge kids in outside. Parents need to face a dilemma of this. They try best not to hurt their children. They can pretend to be with kids allowing involving in television. Parents, with their support, can push their kids slowly outside.

They need to choose likings of their kids in outside game. It can be checked by showing and teaching them outdoor games. Once they start following it, they may use their fantasy mind to become like sportsperson. Also accompanying them in various short travel tours can make them enjoy nature.

Whatever the way, it’s necessary to achieve the healthy lifestyle of your kids, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. It will lead their future to a good social life. With such strategies, you can be assured of your kids remain healthy, enjoy the outdoor activities, and make television a part-time entertainment.

Sarcasm of and by God

I believe in God.You may or may not believe in the same.According to me, God has created an infinite number of cases as examples.You take any best scenario that your mind can imagine for your happiness, and same way worst one.Everything exists in this world of humans.

Many times we hear such incidents which teller has experienced itself but the listener is unable to make its mind to believe it.For example, I heard that a man with very up to the mark intelligence, guiding his near and dear ones positively, committed suicide! 

Somewhere, your colleague in an office with very poor performance is fired from a job and after few years you hear he becoming an inspiration to you looking at the growth he made.Such surprising and miraculous you also might have come

With so many human beings on earth and animals accompanying them
around in nature, their behavioral combination is seen or unseen by us.If we see it, we are surprised and become curious to observe life part of these among themselves.When all this happening around you, you decide some actions you want to achieve in life.You start preparing for them, you fail, you learn, you rise again, you continue these cycles to get something in life.

Things to achieve keep on changing in life but these steps you keep on repeating irrespective of it.While these cycles are running, you see a benchmark which boosts you up to energize.You see that benchmark as something achievable, and your mind prefers to see it instead of the failed cases.While juggling with these, you learn that the achievement of that particular thing is not that easy and is not gotten exactly like someone already achieved. 

This is the trick of god.God sets such example as an ideal around us.To specifically name such examples, I will suggest Sachin Tendulkar, Shahrukh Khan, Narendra Modi etc.God has gifted them so many successful paths that one hardly can answer how did they achieve to get such successes in one life! People see these examples very hypothetically and start to adopting these real-life examples as unrealistic ones!

Huge number of people start to follow these ones to become like ones.If you want to get the real picture, refer twitter social medium website.People follow them as religion and everything they do matter to their followers.People become happy to see the achievements of their ideal person, followers are saddened to see the failures of them.
In all this fuzz, you can never create an ideal person like them, its very unanswerable by anyone, can you answer...?

Say, Shahrukh Khan is the biggest star actor of the country.He has two sons, a daughter, but no one in this world, though dreaming, cannot create another Shahrukh Khan! Even SRK cannot guarantee of this, although his children have blood, genes of SRK, all the facilities to provide, everything and everything available, but no guarantee! Why? 
Same with Sachin Tendulkar's son.No follower of Narendra Modi can create another one with that level of achievements in one life. Why?

Many parents provide so many teachings, coaching to their kids from childhood to sing like Lata Mangeshkar, but history is evident that Lata Mangeshkar is still the untouched benchmark of singing. Why?

This is my observation on a high level.God has set up these examples but hasn't given any other human being with such capabilities though that fellow is ready to do anything for that.Doesn't it sound bit odd..?

Now if you agree, do not get disappointed with these facts, I have a wonderful solution for that. No one can become exactly like any other one.You can only get the knowledge of what they did, not necessarily you can do the same stuff.You have to make up your mind for the fact that you don't know if you are the chosen one like Harry Potter who was destiny's child.So keep on doing what you like.Because God is controlling us, but we cannot control him.And this is evident.You cannot know and so cannot control your future.Think on this.

Relationship between Government and Societies

Someone has said that 'You have come to a very hard place, which is this world!'
The world we live is filled with enough number of problems.There always happen to be 2 distinct worlds for every individual living on this earth.One is his personal and the other is a world outside his personal world which we often term as a society.And I am sure you will agree that both of these worlds are experiencing problems as and when life goes on.

The population of the entire world is increasing every moment the clock is ticking.Let me be very clear that population cannot be reasoned as the root of all problems happening in the world.I have a different view on this, which management of this population is the problem area.

Every government which is elected in any country has certainly hopeful and vision for the betterment of his country.Though we blame them for any inconvenience we face, it is the truth.When I say the population is not a reason for so plenty of problems around us in personal as well as social life, but it is the streamlining of all this population in which every individual has its own opinion, rather say more or less different opinion.Then we can imagine the countless efforts that are needed to take all of these along for government and prove that yes they are doing it for the betterment of the country.If our government makes a decision on something, then there are going to be people ready to criticize or say with a different opinion.Many times, we clearly see politicians in opposition are the ones who deliberately do it for creating chaos in the society.Common people get confused and the government faces troubles to clarify their stand instead of proceeding optimistically.This is going and going for long.

The point I want to make is that you cannot be in peacekeeping your government restless.We blame the government and politicians unlimited and very easily, but seeing at few wrong people we should not make the things troublesome for remaining others.Managing so many people around the world by respective governments is beyond the imagination of common people.It is ultimately we common people for whom they are trying hardest to achieve the things.So it becomes equally our responsibility also to support our own government in any situation. Criticism, of course, is necessary to show the mistakes or better alternatives, but wrong intention to create chaos will never help anyone in the country.

Being lots of problem in our country, be it any country, it is also our duty to follow the government which they also expect us to.Until we all streamline our thoughts likely in a similar way, we cannot progress on any decided point.In the base of all these thoughts, it is finally we people with whom the government has to deal with, and so we ought to know the power within us.Many problems are originated in the society because we do not oppose it and few wrong people make the problem as a trend.

There are many examples in our society which we can also solve.Because I think it is very difficult to reach out to every corner of the country and make everything smooth. Make some ideas, unite as a society and solve it for your residential group.We have to think similarly for all this.A discussion is always welcome but once finalized we all should stick and push the government also if they are ignoring our problems. We will not see the change it until we proceed with the government with mutual support and respect.

If you want to rely on government solely, then you might need to wait indefinitely long.Many organizations are doing such social activities without expecting anything in return from the government. There is something due to every one of us for our society, our nation. Everyone's country is lovely for them, and everyone wants to see at it proudly.

Think of your future generation, they should be inspired by the trend we set and the country they will live in.

And the 'Internal' world which I mentioned at the very beginning, is mostly affected because of this 'Outside' world of us!

Pressure Game of Fans and Stars

It happens almost in everyone's life that, we start liking a person, not because of his personal characteristics but it's their work that fascinates us.This is actually a game that indirectly starts between that 'Star' and its 'Fans'.

The Star is not knowing actually each and every persona who is in awe of him, but vice versa is never true! But Star has been riding over the feeling of likeliness by increasing number of people.
Stars may be anyone, literally anyone, it may be a movie actor, sports person, some vibrant personality among your relatives, someone among your father's friends, anyone.We observe them, we admire them in our mind, we wish he should never have a grey shade, he must be a pure and perfect, and he should get all success so that we can like him forever like we do now.These are implicit rules for a Star person made by his fans.

Handling situation of such liking in life is dependent on that Star.But you have to admit that these are the phases in life that everyone is implicitly wishing in their mind internally.It's not that if someone is not 'Star' doesn't mean he doesn't want to become one.Of course, we all are wanting that admiration from as many people as can.

Pressure arises when the Star(which we decide), begins to sense the Stardom!No matter it's that pressure which we all struggle to get some time in life.But we have to remember that it is eventually pressuring.

Some fans recursively like a Star more if he is always calm and composed, never boasts his achievements, struggles hard which is seen to be at expectations of his Fans for such cool reasons.On the other hand, Fans are admirers of qualities exactly opposite of the mentioned in the earlier case, such as arrogance, an attitude of being smart, anger, and likewise.

If you keenly observe both these cases, both the Stars have to handle the pressure of their respective Fans' expectations!

Stars have to undergo many tough times for this, such as sidelining family lives, sacrificing many day to day tempting activities or we can say they involve in a process of moulding themselves to become like his Fans are subsequently expecting him to!

This pressure is not only because of greed to earn the liking of admiration by Fans, but also equally because of the fear of losing it!And one thing remains the fact no Star wants to lose it!!

Fans make Stars feel extra special in this world.They want their Star to proceed increasingly on the ladder of stardom.Fans also implicitly put pressure on Stars to become an ideal person with perfection with no excuses in life.Fans want to be noted by association with their Stars.For Fans, Star is a 'Personal' and rightful family member.Apart from these facts, Fans too contribute to handling pressure for his Stars.They feel it if it is for their Star.They Support him in his down-times.They just their Star's failure.Still, they get up and ask his star to get up and grab the next chance.

Now it's their Star's turn to continue the game.For his next performance, he feels the pressure for next opportunity, he absorbs necessary energy from Fans, gets the energy levels boosted up, sets the high goals, prepares for it and ultimately gets ready for his next showcase to Fans and for those who are not his Fans.

Now it's the turn of Fans...

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