Unbelievable In America - People Live In Oldest Mall After 48 Abandoned Shops Are Turned Into Homes

Micro lofts and tiny homes have become more and more popular as time goes by. Since finding an affordable place to live can seem tedious, downsizing might actually be a better idea. Luckily, there are some unique places that are being converted into livable spaces. The Arcade, for example, is the oldest mall in America. With some refurbishing, it has been transformed into shops and microlofts for people to live in.

The Oldest Mall On The Block

The Arcade has been around since 1829, is the oldest mall in America. The building has gone through a handful of restorations over the years. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, it has been declared a National landmark since the 1970s. It wasn’t until 2013 that The Arcade was turned into a large micro loft building for people to live in.

Evan Granoff, the owner of the oldest mall, wanted to make good use of the unwanted 48 spaces. Turning all of the out of business stores into affordable as well as livable places for people. Unfortunately, the lofts are not equipped with stoves, and tenants do not have permission to use them either. However, they do provide each room with a microwave for tenants to use. Additionally, each loft comes with built-in furniture. Including a bed with drawers, cushioned benches for seating, a refrigerator, and shelves for storage. As for laundry, some living spaces come with a washer and dryer. There’s also a community room for tenants to do their laundry. Bathrooms are also included in every loft.

Life Of The Tenant

Of course, this concept works wonders for people who don’t mind some of the missing utilities. For tenants who live a single lifestyle and have a career that makes them travel a lot, this could be a dream come true. That’s exactly the case for tenants like Dr. Karim, as she internationally flies around for her job. The same could be said for tenant Sharon Kinnier, who also only lives in town part-time.

In addition to the lack of certain utilities, tenants also have to pay for their own cable or Wi-Fi connection, though that’s pretty normal. However, there’s also a common area that’s available for people to entertain themselves.

It’s not surprising that the demand for these affordable and livable spaces is sky-high. The Arcade has an extremely long waiting list to get in.

America’s Oldest Mall: Some Units Are Now For Sale

The location and size are everything unless you live at The Arcade. This lifestyle is ideal for those that have the means for saving their money. Hopefully, this concept is adopted by others so that maybe more abandoned malls can be repurposed for housing people. The incredible amount of space gives so much potential for living situations. “I’m anticipating that a lot of people who are renting in the building right now will buy the units that they’re in because it’ll make economic sense for them,” Explains Granoff. (2)

Most of the tenants that want to take residence at The Arcade happen to be students, singles, and seniors. All of these people are looking for something that will allow them to downsize but comfortable enough to live in. There really aren’t a lot of other places that are like this one. Not only is this building a living relic but it still has the capacity to house people safely and at a reasonable price.

Ownership on the Horizon

However, early last year it was announced that tenants will soon be able to purchase their unit and own it outright. As he mentions that rent can cost $925 to about $2000 depending on the size of the loft. Granoff claims that he will most likely sell them at the starting price of $130,000, and the commercial spaces will start at around $125,000. Additionally, Granoff says that he wants to stress that nothing crucial will change for tenants that don’t want to buy but will continue to rent. There will most likely be more renovations done to some of the units as they prepare them to be sold in the coming months. The Arcade speculates that it won’t take a long time to sell these units.



My sister was suffering from psychological problem and behaving weirdly, but I could not handle her even though the worst situation she was going through. 

I can tell she is the one who has suffered the most in her life, anyone compared in this world.

Before telling what she went through, I will tell you how she was:

  • She is good looking
  • She is a computer engineer
  • She was married to a perfect guy suiting to her
  • Everything was going such a perfect way.

Now kindly read below:

She got the problem of low platelet in blood.

  • In pregnancy, she suffered such a critical situation that she lost her eyesight, hearing ability and not able to talk, this all while her baby in womb. 
  • During this period, doctors said, if she could live for a night more then only we can hope she will be alive else nothing was in doctor's hands.
  • Her baby died
  • She went into unconsciousness for a month almost
  • Her brain got damaged at some places and she lost ability to walk, talk  partially.
  • She is not a normal person now like most of us
  • During the time we tried a lot for recovery or solution to her problems.
  • After a couple of years, her husband filed a divorce case against her.
  • Due all this, she is now being treated mentally ill person.

And still I used to shout on her, sometime become violent with her.

Now when she is seeming calm because of psychological medicines, I am feeling very bad for her and her life.

It was a time when we were all tired of treating her and spending money on her.

But when we recall that she the regular person, but suddenly in  a day she was out of the category of normal people, I cannot understand why life behaved such bad with her.

At least, now I assume my responsibility that I will take care of her till last day of our lives.


In school, I had a friend - R.

My father got transferred suddenly and so in the summer vacation, we had to leave the place and so we could meet anyone hardly.

I completed my school, college and professional education.
Many years passed away.
One day, R called me on my mobile phone and talked with pouring emotions to hear my voice.

I could not understand the gravity of his emotions then.

After some days, a long letter , written on many pages, was received to my address.

I started reading it and it was R's letter to me, mentioning all the emotions since I left the place and him.

He was so emotional in letter more than my blood relatives.

One day, I called him to my place, which was 500 kilometers from his place.

Still he came to meet me.

He brought a dress for me as per his capability.

His mother sent food made by herself for me.

He also brought few murtis and gatha books to set in devghar for worship.

When I met him in actual I understood that he had managed the bus fare somehow to just meet me.

I used to go to my office and he used to just clean my room, and arrange everything properly.

We visited many places on holidays.

I was bearing all the expenses and it was almost a week he came.

I was getting irritated with him and wanted him to leave the place.

I could not understand at that time that he was so poor that he was just passing the time with me.

His home condition was so pity that he and his brother were not finding any job.

One day, while visiting a place I tortured him like anything with my words indirectly.

I wanted to hurt him badly so that he will leave the place now.

At that night, he wept like a girl in front of me and told why I offended him so much ?

After left the place one or two days past, I realized poor financial condition makes a person become so disgraceful even aginst his will.

On one side, we feel pity for other poor in society, and here I was getting chance to serve one close person, but then I hesitated to do that duty fully.


Will tell you one shameful incident here. Yes shameful !
While in college, we used to order daily meal 2 times a day.
Tiffin used to be delivered by person from mess service.
One day he got very late that everyone got so hungry and waiting for him like anything.
He got so late that he delivered tiffins of our junior also at our room and requested us to please co-operate for today.
We called our juniors and conveyed the message and told them to come over the place to get lunch.
They arrived and the tiffins were combined and so had to be shared.
I was just studying for a subject and one junior just opened a tiffin which was to be shared with me.
He was unaware of the things and hungry same time.
I informed him that the tiffin was to be shared and so please eat accordingly as I was going to have it later.
He replied me in very rude manner that it was none of his business.
I got so annoyed and angry that I shouted and insulted in very harsh and bad words.
I also threatened him to slap him there.
Everyone including his classmates and my classmates fade that it became very tensed moment.
He didn't reply me anything on that.
But just eating just one or two bites and suddenly got up and left the place and food without eating.
I thought it will be just normal anger.
But when my other juniors told me that he cried and wept very much after reaching his room and couldn't be consoled.
I was so nonsense person at that time to tackle that situation like his senior.
They should have learnt from me something instead of seeing such rude behavior example from their senior.
Such a shame on me !!!

Offer, Hand, Handful Of, Help, Respect, Awe, Attention


From school days, one thing specifically and dominantly can not be erased from my mind.
I was in 9th standard and final exams in summer were started.
I was very timid boy in school.
I got easily bullied many times and used to be very afraid to defend who hurt me then.
The good thing was I was very bright student in academics and so because of that only teachers and other students who were weaker in studies, respected me !
I clearly remember that it was paper of History subject.
As it was summer hot day(in India especially), we were told to drink good amount water while leaving for exam.
I usually did that.
In the middle of the exam, I got immense urge for micturation as a result of over drinking of water.
But any way, I could have easily sought permission from supervisor and got relaxed.
I was scared to teacher to ask him to go out.
I was feeling ashamed to ask in front of other students though it was absolutely natural
I had to think of the questions still remained to answered.
Yes - now you got how much I was thinking of other people around me.
And what happened then is something still embarrasses me:
While thinking about everything around, my urine got released unknowingly !
It released with such a flow that I totally lost control over my organs and let it flow completely.
The urine was sprinkling on other students sitting at my front and back benches.
After this dramatic and weird thing happened:
  • Students around my bench sat distant
  • Teacher still asked me to go out and be fresh in washroom
  • While I came back, everyone stared at me - still remember
  • Peon of school spread sand on the wet floor area
  • Teacher inquired me if I am suffering form any health issue
  • Next day, my classmates were asking me why that happened. But due to the tough exam paper on that day they were already tensed so ignored that topic
  • I somehow hid this incident from my family but one of my neighbor boy in same school, told my parents !
  • I faced my parents for this and they were irritated on me
There are many such incidents in my life:
Boy, Child, Sad, Alone, Sit, Sitting On Jacket, Forest


While I was in college for studying engineering, I lived with my classmates in rented room.

From my childhood I got a habit of judging the people.

Sometimes I judged them from appearance, how they talk, did they get style, are they rich, and many factors.

Yes, I was extremely judgmental.

If someone disagreed with me I would hate him so much that I would consider him my enemy !

While in college I hurt many times to my friends.

I used to cross their points just to satisfy my anger towards them in any way.

I just wanted to prove them inferior.

Once we were discussing about job placements in other colleges and my friend P casually put a point that X college is very good in placements.
But I disagreed.

Then he told me some facts about his favorite college.

On that, I opposed him so strongly and shouting voice that he got so hurt and annoyed so much.

He declared in very offended manner that he will never talk with me again.

I was very much embarrassed and ashamed in front of them.

I should have taken it casually and let that matter go as it was not going to benefit anyone anyway ! 

I could have done that if I had this learning from life in past.

Guy, Man, People, Dark, Shadow, Hands, Sad, Crying


You will read about my ridiculous behavioral scenes.

During school days, I used to visit my maternal aunties-uncles' places in another towns.

They were so welcoming to me that I never ever felt I was out of my home treating me like own parents.

I used to live there for a month or more continuously without hesitation and they also would treat me like their son.

But I was so irritating with my thoughts that I would do below psycho things at their house:
  • Spread the talcum powder on floor just to waste
  • Unnecessarily waste the bath soap while taking bath by doing extra usage
  • Throw toys or their parts of toys of my cousins to hurt them
  • Try to show them inferior by showing off my academics talent so that my aunts/uncles will scold them
  • Intentionally read books or pretend to study in vacation to make aunt/uncle scold my cousins
  • Indirectly insulting their thoughts or their way of living 
  • And many such irritating things

Once my younger cousin asked me directly in front of my aunt that why I threw their toys parts.

I was so embarrassed that my aunt scolded my cousin to stop making me ashamed !

Even today I feel same embarrassment !

Even today my all aunts and uncles treat me the same way even after knowing 'actual me' from my childhood, and that is the greatness of them.

Unbelievable In America - People Live In Oldest Mall After 48 Abandoned Shops Are Turned Into Homes

Micro lofts and tiny homes have become more and more popular as time goes by. Since finding an affordable place to live can seem tedious, do...